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Event management with Furrer Events

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Eventful and unforgettable – from beginning to end. In the conception stage, we really focus on how the event will unfold. We never lose sight of the common thread running through your event as we bring together the individual elements, considering every last detail that goes into making a perfect whole.

From the outset, we focus on your requirements and fulfil them according to your specifications. We complement your message with our ideas and experience. ‘Different to all the rest’ – consider this your motto in the strategy of delighting your guests. Rouse their thoughts and emotions. From the invitation to the thank-you card. This is a challenge we tackle with enthusiasm. Inspiring your clients, employees and guests is a matter dear to our hearts.


One of our event managers will be there to support you from vision to implementation. Having them on your project management team guarantees the efficient preparation of your event. Using a project plan, they will draw up individual tasks for the various meetings and put together corresponding decision memos. The highest priority here is cost and schedule monitoring. Seamless reporting keeps you up to date at all times.

Team brainstorming, a project support structure with multiple employees, and the involvement of a range of professional skills – these are the key pillars of our successful event management collaborations. Our entire range of live communication services is at your disposal. Thanks to our close-knit network of partners in different fields, we have the best suppliers and performers on call – for any type of event.


Our event managers support your project from set-up to close-out – until the last truck has rolled away. We’re on site, right in the thick of it. This means we can make any necessary adjustments on your behalf and make decisions without adding complications or losing time. 

And because only the best is good enough for your guests, we experience the whole event with you – and take care of the staging down to the last detail. During the event, we work in the background to ensure smooth operations while also looking after the performing artists and the various suppliers. In short: We take care of all the details while you get to enjoy your event and spoil your guests.